Ever-ready Support

What do we offer?

As a team that thrives on difficult problems, pressure and complicated systems, we've found ourselves in a lot of sticky situations in our time. We've experienced everything from applications that go down every night like clockwork, to the most stable systems suffering an unexpected and catastrophic failure at 3AM.

Almost every business has a web site or system that they rely on, whether it be used directly by their employees or as a sales tool for new customers. Those same businesses rarely have any provision for what to do in the event that they go down out of hours, other than relying on the good-will of the team, or agency, that built it.

The situation is even worse for agencies, who spend their days building these web sites and systems for clients, but couldn't hope to support them all, even if their teams were willing to work the extra hours. 

This is where we come in, we provide an ever-ready support service to protect you from the failure of critical sites and systems. You could consider us your digital insurance policy.

How does it work?

Our process works as follows:

  • We learn how your web site / system works, through reading any documentation you may have and looking at the code, as well as any databases that power it.
  • We work with your technical team to ensure that our understanding of the system is correct and to get answers to any questions we may have.
  • You provide us with the necessary information for us to access your systems and repair them where necessary.
  • In the event of a failure, we'll "hot-fix" the problem to get everything back online.
  • After a failure, we'll work with your existing technical team to ensure that the problem is permanently patched to prevent it from happening again.

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