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Off the rails projects

Web development projects can go wrong for a wide variety of reasons, such as poor processes, inadequate planning and specifications, or simply a team biting off more than they can chew and not wanting to admit it.

Our team will help you to:

  • Assess the project, its requirements and the plan.
  • Figure out the true state of the project, and when it is actually likely to be delivered.
  • Get the project back on track with a new delivery plan, process and sometimes new tools.

In extreme cases, we can even help you to:

  • Respecify the project, fix overall system design issues and set new deadlines.
  • Help you to outsource some or all of the work.
  • Use Block 8's own Build services to take over the project entirely.

A dysfunctional development team and/or process

Good communication is vital to a functional development team. Within the team, a lack of communication leads to knowledge silos, declining quality of work and poor code management. If you've noticed projects being delivered in an unfit state, bugs that keep cropping back up despite being fixed, or projects that only one person is capable of working on - then this is affecting you right now.

Equally important is communication between the development team and the rest of the business. If you can't communicate with the team, or if they don't want to communicate with you, you're going to experience projects delivered off-brief, late, or even not delivered at all.

Our team will:

  • Review the company and the development team to discover your working practices.
  • Find out what your client's expectations are, and advise on how best to achieve them.
  • Advise on how the team could be better managed, and what tools might help you to work better together.
  • And, where necessary, advise as to changes in personnel.

An underperforming team member

An underperforming team member can hurt your development team in many ways, including gradual loss of morale, resentment and simply an inability to deliver to the expected standard.

We can help you to:

  • Review and grade all members of the development team against the technologies it uses and the expectations put upon it.
  • Ascertain the team's weaknesses as a functioning unit.
  • Advise on how to bridge any skill gaps through training, redistribution of work, and in extreme cases, personnel change.

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