Why your business might need a new website

Posted by Dan Cryer on June 17th 2015

The internet is ever growing, ever changing and constantly being updated with new information, images and data, therefore it comes as no surprise that it doesn’t take users long to surf the internet and discover a business’ old and derelict website. A lot of business’ have not invested properly in their online presence which can affect their overall success.

First impressions count. An outdated design may be deterring visitors. You need to engage and entice users into exploring and learning more about what your business offers. According to industry experts, a website should be re-designed at least once every four years.

Having a site that is responsive and accessible on all platforms and forms of technology is essential as more and more people are accessing the internet via tablets and mobile phones. As soon as someone has a need for your product or service, or hears about your business they can search it instantly, getting the information direct to their fingertips and allowing them to make a quick decision on whether or not you provide what they’re looking for.

When considering whether or not you feel you might need  a new website for your business you should take into consideration a few factors about the content, design and responsiveness of the site.

A dull, boring website is going to give your site a high “bounce rate,” visitors aren’t going to be entertained or engaged by your site and won’t read on. By taking an objective look at your website it will allow you to see the thing that need changing, if you’re unimpressed your target audience will be too.

Your site needs to be responsive in order to make sure that it works well across a range of devices, allowing users to use your site regardless of what device they happen to be using. People have increasingly shorter attention spans, so your site needs to load quickly, present clear information and offer a call to action that drives the visitor towards a sale.

If your site doesn’t fill the screen of a computer it isn’t going to appeal to customers, tiny websites look dated and users shouldn’t need to use a magnifying glass to find your content. If the site is all text and looks like it’s from the early 2000s its definitely time to update. A dated looking site can give the impression that the company is behind on the times.

Maintaining a modern looking, attractive site with good content is essential in today's competitive markets, to capture your target audience's attention in a way that drives them to more pages on your site and encourage them to call or email for more information. The importance of the site is all about how your company presents itself online. If you like your competitor’s site better then you definitely need to step up your game because potential customers will have the same opinion and may be more likely to choose them over you.

A business's online reputation is important when trying to impress and attract customers, so you need to make sure your website is on point.


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