Why you need a content management system (CMS)

Posted by Helen Curry on June 19th 2015


A content management system is a piece of software that is integrated into a website to give the owner control of the content that is published. The content management system can be used to add new pages and content such as blog posts, news articles or information pages about the company's latest products or services. Content management systems also allow users to upload images, artwork and videos as well as simply editing existing content. A good CMS will also let the user update their meta information and URL structure.

There are a number of content management systems out there to choose from, such as Wordpress and Drupal which started off as blogging tools and have grown over the years. There are  also more advanced CMS platforms such as Umbraco. At Block 8 we have built our own open-source CMS, designed to be powerful, easy to use and better fit the needs of the majority of sites we work with.

A CMS system helps keep your site fresh, it allows you to add new content quickly and easily, keeping visitors up to date and informed while also adding layers of depth to the site which will help its SEO. The process of using a CMS is generally extremely simple, you just login to create and publish any work and because it's so easy you are likely to do it more often which will help improve your site.

A CMS  puts you in control of your website, it gives you the free reign to add, change or delete content whenever you want. It gives you access to the site anywhere in the world, on any device. You can access the admin from the office, home or on the beach. It also allows you to give other members of staff within your organisation the ability to update content, making the process of keeping the website constantly up to date much easier.

Not only does a content managed website provide you with a flexible and cost effective way to promote your brand, but it also provides you with the chance to cleverly invest in various online improvements without having to constantly pay web developers to do the work for you.


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