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Posted by Anna Morrissey on July 11th 2017

Hello! that seems like a good way to start things off

I'm Anna, Head of Operations and Block 8's newest employee. I have a somewhat brief employment history in websites and technology, with the majority of my work experience being in the catering/hospitality industry. This has, however, enabled me to fine tune my customer service and management skills and I like to think that after nearly 15 years of doing it, I'm pretty good at dealing with clients and their requests! This also means that I am very organised (within working hours) and I don't tend to shy away from a problem or a challenge.

My role here at Block 8 is still very much evolving as we take on new clients and continue to build the business up - at the moment its a lot of e-mails and phonecalls (all the fun stuff!). Bascially I am here to make Dan's life as easy as possible, and to make sure he and the team are free to get on with the 'techy' side of things, whilst I deal with the administration, paperwork, client queries and meeting scheduling amongst other things.

As well as being an all round operational superstar, I'm also a keen baker in my spare time and relish company birthdays or in fact any occasion that means I can make treats and force feed my colleagues! Much to the dismay of pretty much everyone who's ever had to share an office with me - I have a perchant for 80's power ballads and cheesy boybands, I love writing notes to myself on just about everything - post it notes, notebooks, the back of my hand, and I have been known to get overly possesive when I find a 'favourite' pen...

In spite of all of that, I like to think that I am a pretty easy person to work with. I believe very strongly in the concept of 'working hard and being nice to people' and think that you should never ask anyone to do something which you wouldn't do yourself. This has stood me in pretty good stead so far so long may it continue!

I am looking forward to working at Block 8, expanding my knowledge of this industry, getting to know the team, and creating and maintaining good working relationships with our clients.

So thats me in a nutshell - I could go on for hours but I'm sure you all have better ways to waste your lunch breaks, Thanks for reading!


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