Is your site mobile friendly?

Posted by Dan Cryer on July 1st 2015

Despite smartphones and tablets having been around for less than ten years, mobile internet access has already caught up with desktop searches, with more Google searches taking place on mobile devices in some of the biggest countries, including America and Japan.

These changes in trend are no surprise with mobile devices being so quick and convenient. Google recently made changes to their search algorithm to boost the rank of mobile friendly sites and penalise sites which are not mobile friendly, which led to many sites seeing their ranking drop significantly on mobile once these changes were implemented. However, we still continue to have sites that don’t work well on Mobile, even new sites!

Website designers and developers need to create sites that not only look attractive and work well but are also mobile-friendly.

Does your site display well on different devices?

Mobile devices come in many different sizes and forms, from small smartphones to large tablets upwards of 3”. Previously sites used separate URLs for the mobile versions of the sites but today with the wide range of screen sizes using a responsive layout is a more popular solution.

Is your call to action still clear?

The main goal of a website is usually to increase user engagement and revenue which requires a clear call to action which is strategically placed on the site. Despite the screen being smaller the call to action should still be instantly noticeable, double check the CTA’s position, layout and appearance on various mobile devices.

Is it easy to return to the home page?

When a user has travelled through your page hierarchy of blog post, products and other various pieces of content is it easy for the use to find their way back to the home page? A Google study showed that users expect to be able to click the site logo to get back to the home page and become frustrated when it doesn’t work.

Is your entire site crawlable?

If Google can’t crawl your site properly it will impact your search results, make sure the Googlebot can see your site just like any other user.

Does all your content work on mobile devices?

There are some types of content that may not be playable on mobile devices. For example, Flash doesn’t work on many mobile devices. If your content can’t play it can be very frustrating for mobile users.

Forms should be suitable for virtual keyboards, few people like filling in forms on small screen keyboards, therefore forms for mobile devices should be as simple as possible.

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