Notes for Recruiters

Firstly, it is important to note that we have nothing against recruiters. However, we're a small company and we're keen to avoid getting bombarded with unnecessary calls. If you are good at your job, we would like to work with you... but to make both our lives a lot easier please take note of the below - it's everything you need to know about working with us.

1. Under no circumstances are you to call us without prior arrangement. It doesn't matter who you know or how long you've known them, nor is it relevant who you've worked for in the past. Treat this as the golden rule.

2. All positions are advertised on our who we are page. You won't hear first about a position at Block 8 any other way. If you want to keep up to date with our recruitment plans then you can also follow our profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Only submit candidates via an individual job page.  If you have a candidate that you believe to be appropriate for one of the roles we are advertising, please submit as a candidate would except use your email/phone instead of the candidate's. We need their name to determine if they have already applied for a role. If you are sending multiple candidates, you must do so one at a time. Submitting via the web is the only way of getting your candidate reviewed.

Our promise to you:

1. We will always respect the confidentiality of your candidate. In the event that we are interested in your candidate, we will get in touch with you. If you do not hear from us, please assume we are not interested in them. If we think you've done a good job understanding our requirement then we will endeavour to provide you with feedback on candidates that are not quite right.

2. We're happy to review candidates you feel may be a little too junior, or too senior, for a given application. Let us be the judge of a candidate's skill level.

3. We will never read nor sign any Terms & Conditions. Treat this web page as our contract. Regardless of whether you attach your own terms to your email, by sending us applicants you are tacitly accepting our terms. It is simply not practical for our legal team to review every recruiter's terms.

4. We will never work on an exclusive or a retained basis. Please don't waste your time asking.

5. We will never prejudice a candidate on the basis that they have come via a recruiter.


We will pay not more than 10% Y1 basic salary (no consideration is given to Bonus/Commission/Options etc). We will always pay within 30 days of invoice, not to be issued before the contract is signed. If we hire a candidate that you have introduced to us for a different role to the one advertised within 6 months of your introduction, or for the same role after 6 months, then we will pay 50% of the rate expected for the original hire. If your candidate leaves within 30 days we will pay you 25% fee, 30-60 days and you will refund us 50% fee, and 60-90 days you will refund us 25% fee.

If you can't/won't adhere to any of the above then please don't submit candidates.

It may sound from the above that we are a pain to work with - but we're not. In all seriousness, we're very easy to work with; we know what we want, make decisions quickly and are timely payers. If all clients were like us, think how low your phone bill would be!

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