An update for clients of Centu Consultancy

Posted by Dan Cryer on July 13th 2017

Sadly, effective Thursday, 6th July 2017, Centu Consultancy ceased trading and entered into voluntary liquidation.

As many Centu clients will be aware, director James Inman recently suffered the devastating loss of his wife and co-director Michelle. This, combined with a number of cashflow issues, led to a situation from which the company could not recover.

Block 8 Digital has arranged with James to help any and all Centu clients in need of support with their business systems, web development or hosting. The Block 8 team, now including Centu's own Anna Morrissey, are ready to talk to you about how to move forward.

If you are a Centu creditor, or have any questions or concerns regarding Centu's liquidation, please contact James Inman directly via email to [email protected].

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