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No more spreadsheets or time-consuming repetitive tasks.

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Weighed down by out-dated processes?

Do you struggle to stay on top of your company administration and business management due to being weighed down by old fashioned or out dated systems?

Are you wasting precious time searching for lost or misplaced documents, or conducting exhausting, repetitive manual tasks?

Do you feel that there must be a simpler way of working, which would allow you to be more productive?

Let's have a chat over coffee and talk about your business.

Here at Block 8, we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to these issues, and what works brilliantly for one company may not work for another. To solve this problem we work closely with our clients and conduct an initial consultation with them to really understand their requirements. Our aim is to work WITH our clients not FOR them, to create efficient, bespoke systems and tools specifically tailored to their needs.

Ultimately our job is to make yours easier, and replace outdated systems and spreadsheets with better, cleaner ways of working.

You'll be jumping for joy when we're done.

We can build anything, including online booking systems, HR tools for staff management, secure file transfer systems, internal employee dashboards, franchise management tools and much more. We also offer consultancy work where we can come into your business and offer advice and solutions on working with existing software.

Once we have built a customised system for you, we offer a variety of support and maintenance packages to ensure your product continues to work as effectively as possible and can easily be upgraded and amended as your business needs change and develop.

If you're struggling to find an off-the-shelf software package that truly fits your needs, or simply want to get some of that lost time back, then speak to us today and find out how we could help you take a fresh approach to your business.

Business Systems

Bespoke software and business management tools

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Digital Consultancy

Review and analysis of existing systems and processes

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